About us

We, as Aras Plastic Atiye Company, started producing stretch films with the aims of reducing the coast of packing, facilitating it and safe transportation of products, and also keeping food products fresh and clean. Our products are among the numerable plastics which can be used in the Europe and besides their qualitative advantages, are nature friendly. Our futuristic view had made us to invest heavily on technology and innovation . Therefore, we use the latest version of machines which are according to the world's latest standards. The real goal of this company is the veneration of costumers via innovative ideas , reliability and being nature and human friendly. Qualitative and exact production is our basic policy. This helped us to export %80 of our products to various countries, paticularly Europe. Finally costumer's satisfaction, reliance and continuous collabration is and will be the primary principle of us.

European Quality Standard

Required time to prepare the order

Required time to prepare Arasplastic products
  • Communication with the sales unit

    Communication with the sales unit and choose stretch film
  • Final invoice registration

    At this stage, you must finalize the invoice.
  • Export Orders

    Orders will be sent two weeks after the final invoice registration.