Stretch film for packaging in industries and transportation

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February 6, 2023
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July 23, 2023

Stretch film for packaging in industries and transportation

Almost no packaging is as widely used as stretch film (also known as elastic film). By using stretch film, you can pack all kinds of products and protect the products from dust, dirt and damage. Stretch film provides safety during shipping and transportation. Today, stretch film is used for packaging in industries and transportation.

What makes the use of stretch film the right choice for you depends on the type of your product, the type of packaging and the type of machine and your usage. The goal is safe packaging at the lowest cost. Stretch film is often considered a final product. choosing stretch film for packaging is a logical choice, because stretch film packaging, all the products are neatly placed together, and the appearance of the final packaging looks like quality. However, there is a big difference between different types of stretch film or pallet wrapping film. Just imagine a pallet with water bottles, or a pallet with paper towels. There is a big difference in the weight and stability of the products. Choosing the right stretch film for these types of pallet loads is essential to achieve a stable appearance. Cargo stability is essential to deliver goods safely and without damage to customers. Choosing Arasplastic stretch film pallet packaging is a great option for the final product. Aras Plastic sales team will guide you in choosing the product.

Aras Plastic manufacturer of all minds of stretch film,  from recycled stretch to ultra-thin stretch films to minimize film consumption.

Aras Plastic offers pallet stretch film as machine stretch films and manual stretch films for maximum stability of load units and safe transportation. We use High Quality raw polyethylene materials for our products. And in many cases, different thicknesses and colors (transparent, black, white, green and blue, etc.) are produced in our factory. Colored stretch film is an excellent and cost-effective option for separating product packaging. All kinds of colored stretch films are produced according to the customer's order.

In addition to pallet stretch film, we produce Food stretch film for packaging meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Advantages of Aras Plastic stretch film

Stretch film for safe transportion

Stretch film secures lightweight products and heavy goods on pallets. The elasticity of the stretch film and the excellent adhesion of the stretch around the packaged product make the products to be integrated together. Because stretch film is cost-effective and recyclable, it has been used in global logistics processes for years.

Aras Plastic stretch films are available as machine stretch films and manual stretch films. For more safety during transportation, you can also use pre-stretch film. Aras Plastic

manufacturer of all kinds of stretch film in different colors, thicknesses and sizes. Do you want to use stretch film for pallet packaging? For more information, please contact us.

Packaging with stretch film in industries

Stretch film rolls are also used for packaging health products and medical supplies. Stretch film is considered a cheap and fully recyclable alternative for product packaging. Also, stretch film is a suitable option for packaging electronic equipment and cables. The use of stretch in agriculture is one of the most common cases for packing and storing fodder. Also, in the automotive industry, stretch film is used for packaging car parts. Another popular branch is the airport. stretch film is used for packing bags and belongings of passengers in airport. Using the stretch film in airport makes  the passenger's belongings are not damaged while moving from the origin to the destination. It also makes the items reach their destination healthy and clean.

In the following, we will explain 4 important advantages of stretch film.


Protection against moisture
  • 100% Dustproof and waterproof
  • Six-way sealed packaging
  • Load stability
  • Smooth and equal classification
  • Automate-ikon

    Automatic packaging
  • 100% Automatic packaging
  • Full integration into the production line
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduce the size of the load
  • Smooth and uniform packagingli
  • Reduce-ikon

    Reduce the cost of packaging
  • 50% Save on packaging costs
  • No cost for hand packing
  • No energy cost for heat shrink system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Sustainability-ikon

  • 60% reduction in film consumption
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Advantages of stretch film

    Today, the packaging industry is considered one of the most important industries. In this section, we describe the benefits of stretch film.

    Stretch film makes products more resistant to impact

    Stretch film increases the shelf life of products and food

    Stretch film excellent protection against moisture

    Stretch film excellent protection against dust

    Stretch film provides increased stability and a cohesive unit in the package

    Stretch film is a safety solution in transportation

    Stretch film is a popular option in the packaging industry due to its affordable cost.

    If you have doubts about choosing the stretch film you want, or if you have a special stretch film in your mind, contact us so that we can produce the final product according to your needs. We look forward to your inquiry.