Food stretch film wrap

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Sofa stretch film
December 13, 2021
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Jumbo roll stretch film
December 16, 2021

Food stretch film

Food stretch film or food protection stretch is one of the most common and widely used packaging supplies. The application of this product is food packaging in order to prevent the entry of dust, germs and any kind of contamination into them. This type of stretch also creates a protective coating on the surface of food to prevent the penetration of air and moisture into it and maintains the freshness of food.

How to recognize high quality food stretch film

Today, many factories have started to produce food stretch film, but not all of them are of the desired quality. To distinguish first-class and high quality stretch film, is necessary to consider the following points: Flexibility and softness High transparency and opaque stretch film High adhesion strength Elasticity and no tearing and cracking if stretched

Why to use food stretch film

Arasplastic Stretch film helps to keep food healthy. Due to its adhesive properties, Stretch film can be completely fixed on the food and create an insulated and hygienic cover. The insulation cover of the product prevents mold from entering the food by preventing the penetration of oxygen and moisture into it, and also increases its longevity, freshness of foods. This will increase the life of the food and make it usable for longer.