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stretch film
Stretch film
May 19, 2022
Does stretch film have an expiration date?
Does stretch film have an expiration date?
January 7, 2023

 Packaging is important issue in factories and industries, and the old systems of loading and bulk and manual storage by workers are obsolete due to high costs and time consuming. Today Transportation, loading and storage of goods in factories is done in a mechanized, which requires packing and arranging products on pallets regullarly, to protect products from spilling and damage from pallets. And to make them resistant to water, moisture and dust, a durable material must be used that has all these features and at the same time is affordable.

One of the best and most up-to-date materials is polyethylene stretch films, which in terms of quality, strength and cost-effectiveness, have been selected for more factories and industries for packaging, which can be use manually and by machine in small and large industries.

The price of film stretches are depending on the thickness, size and color of the stretch. Also Product quality may also affect the price of stretch film.

Flexibility, high adhesion, transparency, thickness, tear resistance, keeping products safe in every weather condition, beauty and clean packaging, high strength, the possibility of custom purchase, weight and … are some .important feature that directly affects the price of stretch films. click here to See the list of Aras Plastic stretch film products.

If you are not aware of the importance of stretch film, type of stretch film and price of stretch film, you can contact the support unit in  Aras Plastic. Aras plastic team has good exprience in the field of production and sale of strtetch film and helps you to choose the right products. .

Aras Plastic Company, using the latest technologies and machines in the world and the knowledge of engineers, has been able to produce various types of stretch films with the latest world standards, and able to Satisfy the needs of inside country factories and industries, it has also been able to export products more than 20 Countries.



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We have compiled a general guide for you in this article.

What is the price of each kilogram of stretch film? Due to daily changes in the price of petrochemical polyethylene plastic raw materials, the price of products is calculated on a daily. For more information on product prices,  please contact the sales department in arasplastic.

Is it possible to print on nylon stretch? Due to the stretching and deformation of these films during use, the ability to print logos and designs on this product is not possible.

In what colors is the stretch film produced? It is possible to produce the product according to the customer’s request. You can order your products.

How to use the stretch pallet? Stretch film can be used both by hand and with a stretch machine. If the number of pallets is small, for example less than ten pallets per day, a manual system can be used to stretch the pallet, but for more pallets, using machine is recommended.

 Today, there are several factories in the field of producing good quality industrial film stretch, Aras Plastic factory in Tabriz is popular in Iran and neighborhood contries.


Contact our team to get prices and information about the size and thickness of the strtetch film. We guarantee that you will get the best product from Iran through Aras Plastic Company.