Advantages of using stretch film

Wide stretch film
January 8, 2022
stretch film
Stretch film
May 19, 2022

Stretch film is a plastic film that has high elasticity and is used for packing pallets and various items. There are several types of stretch films. Arasplastic produced according to the needs of customers and the type of request. Aras Plastic is a manufacturer of various types of stretch films in Iran.

The three main advantages of stretch film
There are many benefits to using stretch film. In this article, we have gathered three important advantages of using stretch film.

High protection of products with stretch
Stretch film protects products from moisture, dust and dirt. By choosing the right and high quality stretch film, you can be sure that your goods being safe during shipping. Stretch also prevents objects from getting lost.

Cost-effectiveness of stretch film
Stretch film packaging is a better alternative to packaging. Stretch film is cheaper than other options as well as in terms of energy consumption.

Easy packing with stretch film
It is easy to use stretch film for packaging.

Being recyclable
Recyclability is one of the most important advantages of Arasplastic stretch film. Being recyclable is important in European countries.

There are different types of packaging films that are produced according to costumers needs. In this article, we have collected different types of stretch film.

Manual stretch film

Manual stretch film, also known as manual packaging, pallet packaging. These stretch film are usually used when the weight of the product is less. Because packing by hand can be difficult. It can also damage packaged items if not used properly.

Machine stretch film

To package the product with machine stretch film, you need a stretch packing machine. They also have higher safety packaging of the goods.

Jumbo stretch film

Jumbo roll is not a final product. You can use this product by grinding jumbo stretch into smaller rolls. This product is one of the most popular products in neighboring countries and Europe. It is also a good investment option.


In this article, we have gathered the benefits of using film stretch. These products are produced and supplied by Aras Plastic according to customer requests.

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