Wholesale Stretch Film and pallet stretch film, buy directly from Manufacturer 

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Export high quality stretch film
July 23, 2023

Wholesale Stretch Film and pallet stretch film, buy directly from Manufacturer 


stretch film

Stretch film is one of the most popular plastic products in the food packaging industry, which is specifically used in most industries.

Due to the use of chemical raw materials with elastic properties, stretch film has a very favorable quality for packaging objects, therefore it becomes a very good alternative to old packaging methods. Because it is economical in terms of convenience and quality.




Stretch film production process

Stretch film is produced in different ways. The difference between different types of stretch film is only in the layers used in its construction. The layers of stretch film vary from 1 to 5 layers, and naturally, with the increase in the number of these layers, the quality of the stretch film increases.

features such as UV and color can be added to the stretch film according to customer request. Also, stretch film can be produced in various thicknesses and sizes.

Stretch films produced by Aras Plastic Company are produced with the most up-to-date and high-quality equipment in the world. The best petrochemical raw materials are also used foe our products.

Stretch film is used for packaging. It can be used as packaging in two ways: manual stretch and machine stretch. The first method is done manually, in this case, the work speed is very low and the labor cost is high. The second method, which is more used in the industry, is the mechanical method of packaging with stretch film. In the industrial method, a roll of stretch film is placed on the machine and then the machine does the packing work automatically and the speed is high.


The advantages of using stretch film in various industries, especially in the food industry:

Aras plastic stretch film has good absorption on the body of the product, which prevents dust and pollution from entering the product.
The stretch film prevents any water and moisture from entering the food.
Unlike the smaller size, it has higher corrosion resistance.
High tear resistance is another advantage of stretch film packaging.

  Buy Aras plastic packaging stretch film

It should be noted that stretch film can be produced in a variety of sizes and thicknesses in Aras Plastic according to the customer's request. For export customers who order jumbo rolls, the weight of each stretch roll is 50 kg. There are also 27 rolls in the pallet.

Colored stretch film is another popular product in the packaging industry. Colored stretch film has many uses today. Among the applications of this type of stretch is for separation in packaging. Different colors are the best option for separating packages.


Application of stretch film

Stretch films have many application in industries. such as automobile manufacturing, food industry, furniture, kitchen appliances and factories.

Many products are used for packaging products and goods produced in factories and production units, one of these products is packaging with stretch film. This type of packaging is affordable compared to other packaging methods in terms of price.

Elasticity of stretch film

One of the most important properties of stretch film is its elasticity, and because of this ability, it can be stretched around the product. The elasticity of stretch film makes it possible to keep several products and goods together without moving and separating from each other. Another advantage of stretch film is the cleanliness of the product during transportation. The reason why the surface remains clean is the very good adhesion of stretch film, which does not allow dust and pollution to enter. Also, the elasticity of the stretch film is so high that even if the stretch film is stretched with a lot of pressure, it does not cause any problems.


Stretch film is the best option for packing large objects.

Many products have been introduced for product packaging. But all these products cannot provide complete product protection. But stretch film is not like that. With the help of stretch film, you can package your products and goods well. You can be sure of the quality of the packaging by multi-layer packaging around the product. Stretch films are widely used for packaging large items such as household products. For this reason, most home appliance manufacturers use stretch film for product packaging.

packaging stretch film

Stretch is one of the most widely used plastics in various industries and at home for packaging. Aras Plastic is a producer of all kinds of stretch films in Iran. Depending on the customer's needs, all kinds of stretch film can be produced. Machine stretch, manual stretch, food stretch, jumbo film stretch, silage stretch, pre-stretch, furniture stretch and industrial stretch are among the products of this company. Click here for more information about the products.


 How to Order pallet stretch film

Business owners choose to purchase the pallet stretch due to their flexibility, adhesion and high strength compared to environmental conditions. Because it is not possible to pack the pallet with other packing methods. For this reason, stretch pallet packaging is considered a suitable option for firm and safe packaging of pallets.

Stretch film is produced from first-class raw materials, safe and completely hygienic, and for this reason stretch rolls can be used for packaging food products. Other features of stretch film include overall transparency and the ability to maintain temperature in the packaged environment.

Using stretch to package food products can preserve their smell and taste because it is of high quality. Stretch film is produced from high-quality polyethylene raw materials. It can be used manually or automatically. Another point that leads many companies to buy stretch film product packaging is the transparency of this type of plastic, which allows customized product packaging.

The price of stretch film

The price of stretch film depends to the type, size, color and quality. To buy high-quality, durable and exportable stretch, visit Aras Plastic Company. Our team is ready to provide services for you.

What is the price of each kilogram of stretch film? Due to the daily changes in the price of petrochemical light polyethylene plastic raw materials, as well as the fluctuation of the dollar, the prices of products are calculated on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to contatct us. we are here for you.

In this article, we did a complete review of stretch packaging. Finally, we mention that the stretch film produced by Aras Plastic Atiyeh is among the best export stretch films in Iran. Also, the products of Aras Plastic Company are very popular in European and neighboring countries.

Aras Plastic manufacturer of all kinds of stretch pallets, jumbo stretch, food stretch, industrial stretch, machine stretch film and furniture stretch film. Contact the sales department to inquire about the price.