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انواع استرچ فیلم
Stretch film for packaging in industries and transportation
February 28, 2023
wholesale arasplastic stretch film
Wholesale Stretch Film and pallet stretch film, buy directly from Manufacturer 
July 25, 2023

Today, technological advances in every field have made it possible to produce new packaging products. Stretch films are among the special products that make packaging easier. One of the advantages of using stretch film is to improve storage conditions and easy transportation. It should be noted that the benefits of using this product can be seen at every stage, from packaging to product storage. Stretch pallet film, both in terms of flexibility and in terms of protecting the packaged product, has made this product popular among other packaging options. Other advantages of stretch film can be mentioned for storing goods in the warehouse. Stretch film is also called one of the shining stars of the packaging industry. It should be noted that all Aras Plastic products are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Also, you can register your desired product with size, thickness, color and amount of stretch film in a customized way. DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

stretch film advantages

Stretch film packaging is considered the most economical type of packaging among other cases.

Stretch films used in industrial devices have high elasticity.

Stretch film has thermal resistance from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Aras Plastic stretch films are produced with high precision for our dear customers to pack their products safely. Due to its light weight, it does not add extra load to the product during transportation.

Stretch films are highly resistant to moisture and rain.

Stretch films are very affordable and save a lot of work and time.

Manual stretch film is produced with standard thickness for manual use.

Stretch film does not tear when wrapping with sharp edges. It has a flexible and resistant structure.

Stretch film has adhesive, this adhesiveness means that you don’t need any adhesive to package the product.

Aras Plastic stretch film is produced according to international standards.

Aras plastic stretch films are export to whole over the world. such as Turkey, Russia, Romania, Netherland, Hungary, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbayjan, Turkemanistan, Spain, Germany,.. YOU CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH US TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT EXPORT STRETCH FILM.


Export stretch film


Today, almost 90% of industries use stretch film for product packaging. Stretch film is an important element in packaging. Due to the high elasticity of the stretch film, this product has many fans. Aras Plastic stretch film can be the best option for your investment. you can export aras plastic stretch film whole over the wold without any problem. because our stretch films are producing according to European countries.

Aras Plastic Company is one of the largest producer groups in the field of polyethylene products, which has started its activity from the very beginning with the aim of producing quality products and obtaining customer satisfaction. The use of advanced machines and devices, the use of modern science and technology, and the use of expert and experienced labor force made us able to provide high quality products. In addition to the mentioned factors, the use of first-class and high-quality raw materials and the conformity of the quality level of the products with international standards, along with the reasonable and fair price, caused the name of Aras Plastic to be raised and known not only at the national level but also at the international level. For this reason, we decided to communicate with other parts of the world and export products to other countries.

Stretch film produced by Aras Plastic Company has become popular in neighboring countries due to its high quality and compliance with European standards. Aras Plastic polyethylene stretch film has the ability to export to other countries. The high quality of Aras Plastic stretch film has many customers from other countries. Stretch Film’s customers are mostly from neighboring countries. Also, the products of Aras Plastic Company have attracted the attention of European countries. Among them, Italy, Germany and Romania have become loyal customers of Aras Plastic Company in recent years. Due to the high exchange rate and the quality of Iranian products, for many neighbors, importing polyethylene products from Iran is far more economical than producing them in their own country. The professional team and consultants of the administrative department will help you to choose the right product. Click here to contact Aras Plastic.